How big is a Chongqing Dog?

They are 16"-20" in height and weight 33 to 54 pounds.

What is a Chongqing Dog?

Chongqing dogs are an ancient Chinese farm dog dating back to the Han's Dynasty. The Farmers use them as guardians for general guard duty of their farms. Chongqing are very Intelligent, Athletic,Energetic,Free Spirited /Stubborn, Love to learn,and Curious.

How long do Chongqing Dogs Live?

  • The Life Expectancy is 15 – 19 year. The Chongqing dogs are very healthy breed. They are not meant to be outside for long periods of time during cold weather or extreme heat.

Is a Chongqing the dog for you?

They need room to run!!! and explore. We highly recommend you have a tall fenced yard. They are incredible escape artists. If your looking for a 4 legged friend for active lifestyle look no further. They are excellent swimmers and love to swim.

If you want to have the wonderful opportunity to have a different breed of dog and help preserve the Chongqing breed and help educate people on the joys of the Chongqing dog.

Are Chongqing Dogs a good Family dog?

Yes, they are great family dogs. They are good with kids, dogs, and toddlers.

What Kind of Diet does a Chongqing Dog need?

Chongqing Dogs have sensitive stomachs and need an excellent diet . We only Recommend the Life's Abundance Food for them. We send you home with a bag of food in your puppy pack.


Why Rising Star Chongqing dogs does dna health testing on all their dogs?

We Use Embark because they are Most Accurate. This is from their website. https://embarkvet.com/compare/ Only Embark looks at 200K genetic markers to provide you with the makeup of your pup. That’s more than 100x the competition.

Embark is the only dog DNA test that looks at as many genetic markers as human ancestry tests to put the pieces of your dog’s DNA puzzle together. That’s 100 times more than other tests. Because Embark is the only canine genetics company that uses a research-grade DNA genotyping platform, which our industry-leading scientists spent years developing at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. That not only means that we can give you the most accurate results, but it gives us the greatest potential to make future genetic discoveries. Every dog in our database brings us closer to realizing our goal of ending preventable disease in dogs. because your dog deserves the best.

Please visit their website for lots more information.


Males VS Female Chongqing Dogs?

Each puppy/dog has its own a unique personality of their own. We have found Males to be more laid back and quieter & Females to be more feisty, talkative and Alpha in their personality. If you currently have a dog, I would suggest getting a dog of the opposite sex. Dogs of the same sex tend to fight. One thing we cannot stress enough is the importance of spaying & neutering your dog. Males before 6 months of age and Females after their 1st heat cycle or when your Vet feels is best for your dog.

Are Chongqings good with Cats?

I would not recommend a Chongqing Dog if you have cats and leave the dog at home alone with the cats. The love to chase the cats...

Do you fly Chongqing Dogs?

Yes, We prefer to fly the puppies after they have received their 9 week vaccination. We use Delta Airlines. Please let us know where your nearest airport is and we will give you a price for airfare.

Pet Insurance is it worth it?

We recommend you consider Pet Insurance.


If you enroll your dog as a puppy in pet insurance they cover up to 90% on Vet bills..

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